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Pantone-d out?

Hot on the heels of the now ubiquitous Pantone mugs come these tin storage tins with the same theme.

Can't decide if I'm already over them or love them. Storage devices are always strangely exciting and the colours are pretty. But are they just a bit last decade?

Buy them at US online store, Delight (for just $21.56, if you're quick...)

UPDATE: less of a bargain than initially imagined: that's $21.56 per tin... not for the stack. Of course it is. Pah.

My dream job

Thanks Design Sponge for the inspiring/jealousy-inducing interview with Adam Rowe, who may just have the best job in the world EVER...

Rowe is a designer on the stylistically exquisite Mad Men (back on our screens Jan 21 - hurrah!). “It is one of the coolest jobs in town that’s for sure,” he says. Cooler still, Rowe’s office (complete with his name on the door) is on the Stirling Cooper set, between Don’s and Pete’s.

Lends a whole new perspective to "just another day in the office"...

Photos: top left, Don being dangerous with Rachel Menken; top right, the Drapers' bedroom; above, the Drapers' living room. Warm up - and luxuriate in further visual gorgeousness - by reading the full interview and enjoying more photographs, here.

Blow the budget?

I'm having my interiors-on-the-cheap ethos tested with this Joseph Joseph bread bin.

I've been coveting it for over a year now, but was saving myself until the kitchen
was done. The kitchen is now done - though not yet decorated (a girl's got to have a life) - and I'm thinking: £42 for a BREAD BIN? Madness?

Above left is a photo of my bread bin less worktop in my kitchen (please excuse the bare plaster and drooping shelf... all in good time). Note the black kettle and toaster.

Imagine the walls are Yves Klein blue (left): is there a better (and by 'better' read 'cheaper', for surely no design is more fitting for the space) bread bin solution?

I think not. But that's not helping. Can you? Email me: kate_burt [at]