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Editor, Kate Burt has been doing her house up for over six years during which time she's dabbled with live-in builders, numerous lodgers and still harbours a plan to open London's first estate B&B. If ever the house gets finished. She is a journalist and editor who has contributed to publications including the Independent, where she long wrote a weekly Sunday interiors column and the Guardian. She is now a staff editor at On the side, Kate has been a regular guest on Sky News and a contestant on Ready, Steady Cook. (She lost.) Find her on JournalistedLinkedIn and on Twitter and Facebook.

Nb. This website's name is for everyone else out there who walks into other people's houses and is regularly overcome with awe, but also for the love of happy/interesting/eccentric/lived-in houses – rather than perfect ones.

Contributing editor, Abi Zakarian is a design nerd. A brilliant one, who knows lots of stuff and has a great eye for beautiful things which she brilliantly shares with Your Home is Lovely. She is also very clever and talented at her day-job as a writer who has had her plays produced at the likes of the Southwark Playhouse and the Camden Roundhouse. She writes many other good things too. A name to watch.

Andrew Pothecary is a freelance print designer, based for the last seven years in Tokyo. Another three years previously in Tokyo as a magazine art editor were interrupted with four years back in the UK working for the Telegraph Media Group. He lives in a rented 40-year-old wooden Japanese house. He also takes photographs. Check out his website Forbidden Colour.

Writer, Sarah Fox is a London born and bred designer and blogger feeling the pinch of city living. She still wants to travel, eat nice food and longs for mid-century Scandinavian living but on a tiny budget, she’s got to be clever. Her Eames chairs? A Gumtree bargain. Her industrial factory lampshades? A lucky find in a French flea market. What she can’t fit in her small flat in Gospel Oak, she sells on her online shop, The Far Fetched Project with all proceeds going to her next interior project: The Kitchen. Find her being foodie at Said Sarah and designy at This is Sarah Fox.

Amanda Pollard is a writer and interiors junkie who moved from London to flea market heaven in the south of France a few years ago. She lives with her family in a rented apartment in Montpellier for which she likes to dream up ways to decorate… without actually decorating – say hello to origami fairy lights in the kitchen. If you’re thinking of taking a holiday in the south of France, do check out her excellent website Family-Friendly France.

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